We offer top-tier air conditioning and climate control solutions for our clients.

Cucumber Climate Control is your one-stop-shop for all your air conditioning services, with a well-established customer base in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. We have the ability to provide a full range of services, from initial installations to maintenance and breakdowns.

We cover the locations of St Albans, Watford, BorehamwoodHertfordshire and North London

We can also provide installations to a variety of living spaces, whether you are looking to have a system installed in one communal room, or all the bedrooms within your property. While completing our on-site survey, we can help you decide the best solution.

Cucumber Climate Control | Air Conditioning | Air Conditioning Installation

We can provide you with a system that fits each of your requirements.

Over the years air conditioning has become more and more popular. With the growing temperatures of the British summer, being comfortable at home and work is essential to increase productivity and comfort. Over the past few years we have seen that air conditioning has become more essential to many homeowners instead of a luxury.

There are many benefits to having air conditioning installed professionally, not only can we provide rapid turn around times during the installations, but we can provide your home or business with a system that means each room can be at a different temperature to suit everybody. We have a keen eye for detail and will ensure that no corners are cut during the installations. We understand the importance of providing each of our clients with the same, high quality service and this is why we can guarantee a service that will be hard to beat.

With the moving of the times, becoming more energy efficient is crucial. Over the years home air conditioning was seen as a luxury investment and typically only found in cars, but over the past decade or so, many people have found that they struggle to live without it. In those humid summer nights, sleeping without having the ability to lower the room temperature can result in many restless nights. As well as providing you with a cooler temperature in the summer, many air conditioning units now have the ability to provide instant heat in the cold winter, meaning your home can be perfect temperature all year round.

Cucumber Climate Control | Air Conditioning | Air Conditioning Installation

We provide each of our clients homes with comfort as well as reduced energy costs.

We help by making your environment comfortable and welcoming to employees, customers and any visitors that may be visiting your home or business. We have been providing expert advice and services for many years so we have the ability to provide a fast and efficient solution for each of our clients. Throughout the entire installation process we can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and an unbeatable process.  

Air conditioning installations should not be something that causes endless stress and worry, this is why we gather an in-depth understanding of what our clients require and ensure that we can carry out all installations at a convenient time for you, while ensuring that we make minimal disruption. We also guarantee that we will leave your property or business in a clean and tidy manner.

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